What's an ascender? It's a tool used by climbers to help themselves, and their gear, reach the summit. Ascender Consulting believes in leveraging your talents to help you reach new heights in Public Records.


What we do

Every public agency - from tiny fire districts to metropolitan cities - is held to the same standard under the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA).  The PRA is an initiative that passed by a whopping 72% in 1972. Records have changed a lot since then.

Ascender Consulting exists to help governments improve their public records processing, and to help the private sector develop tools for Public Records Act compliance. 

Public records requests are increasingly complex due to the types of records that exist in our digital environment - it can feel like a mountain you'll never summit. But compliance with the PRA doesn't have to be insurmountable. Transparency is an essential part of government. Let us help you climb your mountain.


of the cost of PRA compliance is staff time


is the average increase of costs from 2011-2015 for PRA compliance

over 400

exemptions are used in public records request processing

* data from the 2016 Washington State Auditor's Office Report