How can we help you summit?



Here at Ascender Consulting, we believe in the power of people to achieve great things. Sometimes you just need a little assistance. Our areas of expertise include the PRA and records management - two of the most complex problems for government. Contact us to see how we can help guide you up your next mountain.


Examples of our services:


Training for all agency staff on the public records act, with unique classes for all employees, elected officials, and public records staff. 


Assistance for agencies with development and implementation of new policies, best practices, or public records systems, such as AIRLIFT Respond or GovQA. 



Assistance to private sector companies on the complexities of the public records act and how best to work with governments in this field.

Customized assistance to agencies for public records support.

Development and execution of training seminars and conferences on the public records act.


β€œThe people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created.”

β€” RCW 42.56